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11th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles. Free as art!

Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine

Saturday 10 June 2017 – Sunday 7 January 2018

For its 8th edition at Angers, the Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine is the proud organizer and host of the 11th International Triennial of Mini Textiles.  

The theme of this year’s edition is: ‘Libres comme l’art!’ which translates as ‘Free as art!’ in English.

Each artist exhibits a work made from thread, or inspired by thread, the dimensions of which should not exceed 12 x 12 x 12cm, either in surface or in volume.

This small format is a technical and artistic challenge for the 460 participating artists. 69 artworks in total have been selected by a jury, made up of artists, museum curators and textile art specialists.  

The exhibition brings together a mix of established and emerging artists. Despite the modest format, there is no shortage of diversity and talent on display. The majority of the participating artists are European, coming from Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc. Others come from further afield: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, the United States, Japan and Senegal. This diversity is a true reflection of the international nature of the event.

In addition to the mini textiles exhibition, the latest acquisitions from the previous edition of the triennial, Too web or not to web/Trop de toile ou pas are also on display.  These mini textiles make up an ensemble of 22 pieces, including 5 works generously donated by the artists. These textiles are a rich addition to a collection that already boasts some one hundred small-format works.


The exhibition on tour

Since its inception, the mini textiles exhibition has gone on tour in the three or four-year interval that separates one triennial from the next. Ties have therefore been established with Canada (Montreal, Ottawa), Belgium (Tournai), Germany (Heidelberg), Catalonia (Sant Cugat, near Barcelona) and France (Aubusson).


Public Choice Award

Following a visit to the exhibition, the public are invited to vote for their favourite mini textile artwork and to elect the winner of the Public Choice Award.


Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm
Closed 1 January, 1 & 11 November and 25 December

Catalogue of the exhibition

French, 104 pages, 95 illustrations, €16

Available at the museum’s sales desk

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