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The Great Animal Parade

Musées d'Angers, D. Riou

Musée des Beaux-Arts

18 may - 26 august 2018

This exhibition explores the theme of animals and their representations in the collections of the museums of Angers, with an implicit examination of their relationship with man. 
The exhibition’s focus is that of a pluri-disciplinary approach, at the crossroads of art and science, at once visual and stylistic. Confronted with this vast virtual zoo, showcasing all kinds of animals, a themed itinerary allows visitors to discover the following subjects: real and imaginary animals, symbolic and artistic animals, while shining a spotlight on emblematic figures like the dog, horse, lion and dragon, as well as several marine and aerial species.
The animal theme is common to all the collections of the museums of Angers, and this exhibition is an invitation to discover some little-known pieces: mounted specimens, paintings, drawings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, art objects, bronzes, ceramics, tapestries and textile art, from European and extra-European civilizations, from prehistory to the present day. The aim here is to generate a dialogue between these collections, by confronting artworks and animals, ancient and modern pieces, and Western and Oriental art objects.

Free exhibition guide and various free events and activities in connection with the exhibition
Exhibition catalogue (with a foreword by Michel Pastoureau)
Guided tours, conferences, family and children’s activities, music, theatre, equestrian performances, etc.

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